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New Entity Operations™ Consolidated Branch

New Entity Operations Inc. has consolidated many early stage software brands and libraries. Many of these brands are still offered in a limited capacity and may be brought back into the market as a standalone product or service at any time. The list below is not a full list, but represents a showcase of what type of software-related projects we've worked on.

Consolidated Branch Summary

BeepWave™ helps you track and visualize simple I/O activity on connected RFID-enabled machines.

CESI SYSTEM™ allows you to control machine environments with event-based and response-driven unified system interface components.

DAG YOT™ AI-driven insurance quotes for common claim items.

GoodBaudy™ virtualize hardware interfaces into an easy to control and visual signal dashboard.

LolliApp™ get rewards inside of commercial sporting venues.

Machine.Garden™ is a CCPA compliant implementation of the New Entity Publishing Framework. This is a Ruby implementation and the code is open source and distributed upon a valid request.

OpenPackager™ is a non-root package vetting and retrieval system for the IPDVC™ operating system.

PeerCheckbox™ allows you to hire peers for commonly contracted tasks. Create quick ad-hoc contracts with peers.

Unitransit™ is a I/O focused visualization software for tracking deployed transporation assets in real-time.

VCNKEY™ is a credential automation and storage system for entity-centric systems