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New Entity Operations

New Entity Ops™

New Entity Ops™ were a series of research projects taken on by New Entity Operations, LLC. The work was later continued on under the direction of a unifying market-based research corporate entity, called New Entity Operations Inc.

The primary objective of this research was to study, define, and act on the behalf of general online communities. The goal of action was to eventually solve emerging problems within the RTC marketplace, and address those problems with specific products. Many products were put into limit trials, but the focus eventually shifted entirely to defining smart systems that could return power to the people of the Internet and away from potentially harmful Multinational corporations.

Eventually a series of general purpose computing products were developed. Some of them are now ready to be offered to the general public.

The initial research concluded in 2019. Afterwards, a set of guidelines were produced to help govern and understand open web systems. This research includes moderation, RTC technology, humanoid robotic interactions, legal cooperation, actor response, and more.

Resources were gathered and later deployed to online communities to increase national preparedness for issues uncovered during the research phase, while also working to produce solutions to any unresolved conflicts that were uncovered.

Standards documents were produced to elevate large-cap technology ventures ability to self assess the quality of their digital public-offerings and preemptively fix segments that were moving towards a harmful direction. This became increasingly important with the emergence and current reliance on automation systems driven by AI.

New Entity Ops™ has evolved into a phase 2. Phase 2 has a primary focus of implementing the findings from various parts of the initial research project. Phase 2 is deploying standards at a national level that will eventually reach the general public through large technology providers, or through generic products that will be released by New Entity Operations Inc. This is currently being deployed across the United States. New Entity Operations Inc. has developed a full ecosystem of digital products to offer to mass-market clients when parts of Multinational technology stacks fall short of the best practices recommended for 2024. These products improve the quality, maintainability, and safety of existing digital-technology offerings that are used by the public.