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New Entity Operations

New Entity OS™

New Entity OS™ is the evolution of a virtual operating system developed in 2013 by New Entity Operations, LLC, called the IPDVC™ (Internal Processing Deployment and Vetting Computer). The IPDVC™ provided a way of handling any system-level data-thread and putting them into action-oriented code-bases for a variety of products in advertising, banking, system-resource menagement, and disk I/O. Since this time, the IPDVC™ has been upgraded to tie in physical hardware systems, such as server CPUs and enterprise GPUs.

New Entity Operations Inc. is exploring how the GPU output components of this OS can be deployed in modern graphics technologies in the gaming industry. As a part of a group of unafiliated companies, New Entity Operations Inc. is exploring how this technology works on both NVIDIA and AMD sub-systems and is currently participating in NVIDIAs Inception Program to look deeper into how the technology can be used specificly for NVIDIA chipsets.

Much of the Operating system started as theory but has since went into pratice in genreal-purpose trials. Some of the last remaining parts of the system to be developed and tested are now being prototyped with specific use-cases from the start with the objective of providing alternative open-standard systems to consumer-grade modern operating systems.