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New Entity Operations

Real-time communication Systems (RTC)

New Entity Operations maintains 1 complete RTC (real-time communication) system written in Node.js and another smaller application written in Python. Both systems can be deployed for a variety of general purpose RTC objectives that are suitable for modern enterprise customers.

The Node.js RTC version handles all required real-time application needs, including social networking, messaging, observability, custom-scoping user behavior, financial record management, identity, and more. Streaming media is not standard, but it can be implemented if needed utilizing additional available extensions. The base-line systems are built to be redistributable, so the licenses are suitable for almost any commercial initiative.

The Python version is intended for single purpose websites and is built primarily as a performant single purpose website instance only. In some cases, it may also be applied to enterprise customers.

Because both of these products were built by technical teams to address technical problems, they will satisfy your IT people and the business people, offering a deep array of features seamlessly integrated together in an aim to consolidate previous RTC efforts into one unified RTC platform.