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New Entity Operations

Standardizing Web Asset Delivery with a New Entity™

The early days of New Entity Operations™ were spent researching cloud technology, cyber-security, forum moderation, legal standards, intellectual property online, and computer-networking technologies. New Entity Operations, LLC did research on ways to standardize various processes to deliver industry leading web-technology products to the genreal public in a way that wouldn't rely on multi-national corporations.

New Entity™ is a standardized I/O framework for frontend human-to-machine interactions that sits on top of any existing micro-framework such as Rails or Flask to give you a performant way to display information that's important to you. New Entity Operation™ did all of the research to make this device as simple as possible while also making it extensible to do almost any type of needed task, from form submissions, to asset pipeline management.

Client I/O framework

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Autonomus ACS framework

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