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New Entity Operations

EventLolli™ Interactive Engagement Technology

EventLolli™ is a real-time giveaway game system for virtual hangout communities. The system can facilitate advertising, sweepstakes, enter-to-win games, and mass-scale point in time I/O. The system worked primarily within sports stadiums to facilitate fan engagement, but it also works in online hangout communities too.

The main EventLolli™ branch was taken out of service in June 2020 and consolidated into the Cognitive Operations Resource Enclave™ (C.ORE™) main system and became the default advertising and engagement system for the product. EventLolli™ still facilities all of the functions but now as a part of a unified Operating System product. The re-engineered features provide for a complete range of interactive-advertising possibilities on digital-signage for the IPDVC™ operating system now known as New Entity OS™ developed by New Entity Operations™.