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New Entity Operations

Ryan McKenna

CEO and President of New Entity Operations™

The CEO and President of New Entity Operations Inc. is in charge of setting up and structuring the entity. The sole job of the founder is to develop internal and external systems to be able to pass the entity along to a fully-qualified and industry leading team. The position of CEO is purely honorary and in place for formalities, but the official operator of the entity will always be the President. Ryan founded New Entity Operations™ and built an international software company dating back to 2013. In 2024, additional roles are required to help achieve the objectives of the organization, customers, and stakeholders. Ryan now focuses on building the team, hardening the entity to comply with local, state, and federal law, along with providing technical guidance.

As the CEO and founder of New Entity Operations™, Ryan has been leading the development of various computing standards and novel software libraries for over 10 years. Ryan is responsible for starting the entity and building all of the initial software that is now being expanded by the company.

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